Brothers Three

“An action-packed story of three brothers fighting to keep their land and possessions against all odds.”

— International Review of Books

Allen, Paul, and Chet never knew an easy life. Orphaned two years ago, their uncle Barnaby was appointed guardian until each is old enough to claim his share of the cattle ranch willed to the brothers by their father. But the lure of gold and riches is too powerful for Barnaby to ignore. He soon departs, leaving the teens to fend for themselves as he hopes to strike it rich.

Others, who have long coveted the ranch, eagerly swoop in. They will stop at nothing either to have the land given to them or take it by force. The brothers are soon caught in a web of rustlers, greed, and robbers trying to steal everything from them. Allen, Paul, and Chet learn what it means to become a man, stand their ground and work as one to save their ranch – and each other. With their uncle gone and no other family, their land is the only thing they have left.

Failure isn’t an option. Time is running out and the wolves are closing in.


An action-packed story of three brothers fighting to keep their land and possessions against all odds. You are taken on a jaw dropping twist-turning journey where you find yourself cheering on the brothers while gasping at the atrocities they are forced to endure. This story will hook you from the start and pull you into the thrilling life on the frontier.

Not for the faint of heart, as the acts of brutality are all too real. Nonetheless, this is a well written and wildly enjoyable Western adventure.

  • International Review of Books

Brothers Three by C. W. James is a captivating novel based on survival, responsibility, courage, crime, loss, and triumph. I also loved the brilliant plot, storyline with depth, and beautiful character development. The three boys (Allen, Paul, and Chet) were stars in this story. They had distinctive characters, maintained their individuality, yet held it down for each other. I felt sad for Allen, wanting to shield his brothers from stress when he was but a child himself. My heart could not take the level of helplessness that plagued the boys. However, I appreciated the community spirit shown by Ike, Wampole, and Dottery. I learned that no man is an island, and we all need each other. Learn to ask for help and distribute the weight because you shouldn’t carry all the burdens on your shoulders. Thank you, to this talented writer, for this beautiful book.

Reader’s Favorite

The book is nicely woven around three courageous brothers who are related by blood, how they stay through thick and thin, and how unflinching they are when trouble gets them. Fast paced, the book is well-written on the themes of the importance of family, siblinghood, friendship, love, hope, and courage. The search for Uncle Barnaby leads them on the path to find out the truth and ultimately save the ranch their father left them by chasing away the enemy. I loved the book’s many twists and turns and kept my fingers crossed when the brothers were dealing with the horse thieves and captain Grady. The book is a good fit for teen readers and especially for those who love tales of adventure.

  • Lit Pick

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The first thing I liked about this book was how the plot moves very quickly. Within the first few chapters, we went from the boys being introduced to their house being burglarized to Allen first spotting the stolen horse. This made me enjoy reading this book even more as each chapter felt action-packed and held my attention. Another thing I really liked was how suspenseful this book was. The way the author cut from Allen’s point of view, then to Paul and Chet’s made the book more exciting and made the events happening in the book much more suspenseful. Lastly, I liked how the author showed the theme of working together through the three brothers who loved and supported each other throughout the whole book! This is the perfect book for any readers who like books filled with adventure!

  • LitPick

This story is a page turner with the different journeys the boys have to take looking for horses, horse thieves, and their uncle. There were times that it was tense such as when Chet and Paul went through a place called Demon Hollow in the middle of the night. The descriptions were enough to make me tense reading it! There were also some horrific moments that made me cringe.

  • Reedsy Discovery


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