“A fast-paced young adult thriller with a tinge of the paranormal.”

— P. Deka, Reader’s Favorite

Take a gripping, action-packed roller coaster ride as Matt and Trent, both born with a rare gift of telepathy, embark on a treacherous adventure against the sinister Sokolov and his depraved plans.

One day, while playing video games, Matt receives an urgent telepathic plea for help from Trent. Desperate to find him, Matt enlists the aid of his friend, Hunter. They discover Trent’s abandoned truck, kicking off an adventure with far-reaching repercussions none are prepared for.

The journey brings them face to face with the mysterious Sokolov, a shadowy figure whose motives are anything but clear. He thrusts Matt and Trent into a web of danger and depravity, with plans to force them to use their talents in ways too extraordinary for them to imagine. Matt must employ his telepathy in a way he has never dreamed of if they are to have any chance of surviving and stopping Sokolov.

But it may be too late. For sinister forces lurk beneath the surface, and they will use whatever means necessary to achieve their selfish desires.


A fast-paced young adult thriller with a tinge of the paranormal, Mindfield will entertain fans who love books like Steven Gould’s Jumper series. C.W. James relies on minimalistic worldbuilding and weaves an absorbing plot that moves at a breakneck speed, leaving little room for you to take a break. All the characters slot into their roles perfectly with distinct personalities and traits that make an impression on you. I especially loved the Hardy Boys references and thoroughly enjoyed the friendship and dynamic between Matt and Hunter. Sokolov is a villain who you’ll love to hate. All in all, this is a story that anyone who enjoys young adult thrillers will love. -P. Deka, Reader’s Favorite

This was a strong psychological thriller for young adults, it had everything that I was looking for. C.W. James has a great writing style and the cover was what drew me in. This had everything that I enjoyed from the horror genre and the characters were what I was looking for. I would read more from C.W. James.

– Kathryn M., NetGalley

This riveting, well-written story balances action-packed encounters with Matt’s pathos in regard to his own telepathy. The fully realized characters trade humorous quips but also care deeply for one another and provide each other with moral support. Hunter’s obsession with the Hardy Boys might suggest a parallel between this plot and the old mystery series, and indeed the fast-paced and suspenseful moments here are as fun as the ones in the old novels. However, this book’s delicate balance between thrills and real human moments sets it above and beyond its literary forebears.

– Sarah Poulette, US Review of Books

…a thought-provoking, fast-paced, page-turner. It takes the reader on an exciting, roller-coaster ride as Matt and Trent, both born with a rare gift of telepathy, embark on a treacherous adventure against the sinister Sokolov and his depraved selfish plans. Mr. James does a beautiful job developing the characters in Mindfield. He skillfully makes the reader feel sympathetic towards Matt and Trent, the main characters who are isolated and at times tormented by their special telepathic power. Mr. James also nicely weaves into the story, the use of their telepathic ability in different ways, even showing the reader how this power can be used for good to combat evil. Matt’s friend Hunter and the villain Sokolov are also interestingly portrayed. Although, I did find the bumbling, brutish thugs who assist Sokolov a bit too stereotyped and the dialogue between the main characters at times very immature and sometimes unfitting for their situation. Mr. James beautifully builds the plot and progressively has the characters unravel clues which lead to an exciting climax with an unexpected twist…

Overall, I recommend this book to teens who like fast-paced, adventure stories. Besides Mindfield being a fun and exciting read, it also makes readers think about being different. Superpowers or even differences that make us special or unique are not always a good thing. And people who possess special or unique gifts may not like feeling different, and therefore, they may be faced with the question of whether to make others aware of their differences or hide them to seem more normal? At the end of this book, see how the characters of Mindfield decide to deal with this interesting dilemma. -Weeksti, LitPik

I have to say that I truly loved this story…I truly loved the characters and felt that both guys were relatable and believable. I felt they were real people I could become friends with. Mr. James penned characters that you can easily relate to and see as people you could live next door to…Mr. James wrote with pure emotions throughout his book, and I felt I was experiencing everything firsthand with Matt and Trent…Overall, I really enjoyed reading Mindfield…If you’re looking for a great paranormal thriller, then look no further. Although this story is said to be for the 13-17 year old age range, I feel adults, such as myself, can fully enjoy the story just as much as teenagers. Well done, Mr. James! I highly recommend this book! – disrdstang, LitPick


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